Brian Curtis

We are thrilled to welcome the latest addition to the Prestressed Concrete family, Brian Curtis, who is stepping into the role of Vice President/General Manager. With an impressive background and extensive experience in the precast industry, we are confident that Brian will lead the company to unprecedented heights. A Journey of Expertise and Experience Brian’s

Ever drive along the ground level of a parking garage and think about just how much weight is above you? Ever wonder what’s holding it all up? Sure there are those giant pillars on the sides and in the middle. But there’s a lot of concrete going on between them with seemingly nothing supporting it.

Using prestressed concrete is a great way of ensuring strength, durability, and longevity of your building project. But it’s not always necessary. Certain types of projects are better candidates for prestressed concrete than others. Prestressed concrete is more often used in long-spanning projects with wide open spaces, such as: Bridges Parking garages Tall buildings Gymnasiums

Prestressing and reinforcing are two of the main ways of ensuring concrete’s durability and longevity. And while both provide extra levels of protection and strength, they do so in distinctly different ways. How does compression work with prestressed concrete? With prestressed concrete, initial compression is applied to the concrete before ever being exposed to an

No matter how much wishing and hoping we do, one unfortunate fact of life is this: concrete cracks. It’s a shame, really. Cracks are bad for a variety of reasons, such as the threat of moisture seeping in and reduced strength. Plus, it just looks bad. Fortunately, there are ways to limit this pesky truth, and one

Rob Newsom is leading PCC’s precast concrete team to new heights.  His ability to streamline production brings high levels of efficiency to our precast division.  With the implementation of Lean Construction practices, we are able to offer precast building components that exceed project owner expectations.  “Rob is a champion for safety and continuous improvement.  Not

Prestressed Concrete Company welcomes Chris Goevert, General Plant Manager, to our team. With more than 27 years of experience in the commercial construction industry, Chris is a skilled leader with an unsurpassed knowledge of field practices and project management. “Joining the Prestressed team at this point in my career is a real-life example of ‘right

Prestressed Concrete Construction, located in Newton, Kansas, announces their product-line expansion to include double tees with panels measuring 12 feet in width, each individually prestressed up to 650,000 pounds (650 Kips).  Poured locally, the new 12 foot double tee panels will have a 30-inch leg depth with a minimum 2 inch deck; additional product specifications